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FAQ about Graphistone©

Frequent asked questions

 What is the Graphistone ?
 How to read the Graphistone ?
 Care Instructions

 What is Graphistone ?
The Graphistone is a timeless and precious stone with inscriptions of spiritual symbols, word of God verses, love, and deep inspirational sentiment.

Graphistone is a small glass crystal with cabochon (diameter 5mm) on which are engraved decors and texts reproduced in high resolution and microscopic size

This wonder of Nano-Technology is easily readable when held close to the naked eye.

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 How to read the Graphistone ?
Look closely into the front of your item inside the central lens cabochon stone.
All messages will appear to the naked eye. Light needs to be exposed from the back of the item (as a dia slide). The more light exposed creates the best results!

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 Care Instructions
The Graphistone item contain glass and will scratch or break if not handled with minimum care
We recommend that you:

  1. Graphistone is waterproof but prefers to keep your item dry and that you not immerse it in hard fluids (acid or aggressive liquid, cleaning solution, ultrasound cleaning machine, and so on).
  2. Keep it away from flames and excessive heat.
  3. Keep it away from children and pets, as it may be potentially painful and harmful if chewed or swallowed
  4. Use a soft cloth to clean the pendant, to avoid any scratches (alcohol may be used to clean the front cabochon side).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or questions regarding the best care for your Graphistone item.

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