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Graphistone Hindu collection

Gallery Hindu 1

  • GS101001-LAXMI-01
  • GS101007- Ganesh 01
  • GS101006- Shiva 02
  • GS101005-B- Hanuman 02
  • GS101004- Hanuman 01
  • GS101003-DURGA 01
  • GS101002- SHIVA 01
  • GS101011 - Ganesh 04
  • GS101010 - 3 God + mantra
  • GS101009 - Ganesh 03

Gallery Hindu 2

  • Gs109001-Sai Baba
  • Gs1090022 Healing Music
  • GS1090010-Katayani-maa
  • GS1090026-Lord Datta Treya
  • GS1090019 - SSR 3
  • GS109003-Balaji
  • GS109006 - Ganesh ver C
  • GS1090016-NAV DURGA-V2
  • GS1090017-SSR 1
  • GS1090021-Dwadash Joyterlinga

Gallery Hindu 3

  • GS1090044 Sat-Shaloki-1
  • GS1090029 Santan Gopal
  • Gs1090041 Saraswati Maa 3
  • GS1090045 Sat-Shaloki-2
  • Gs1090043 Guruji
  • GS1090033 Nav Graha - mantras
  • GS1090032 NAVA GRAHA
  • GS1090049-Wedding 2
  • GS1090031 Meenakshi Devi 2
  • Gs1090042 Katyayani Maa

Galleries 2 & 3 from Dijyo

 The Divine collection from Graphistone is the Timeless precious stone engraved with scriptures for the Indian Religious & Spiritual community.

  The Graphistone can carry any message clearly visible to the Naked eye through light, from as small as 2 words to something as large as for the example the entire Hanuman Chalisa along with Hanuman Ji's Picture. Each message containing a complete scripture giving the power of the slokas , yantras and God image all three things are there which will energies, strengthen your body, mind and soul, committed to bring spiritual scriptures close to your heart.

  Bearing the idea of protection and purity, with the basic idea that the almighty lord, is forever with us, the Graphistone keeps the message of God close to the wearers heart. "The smart use of nano technology allows the creation of this spiritual wonder. Mantras are permanently inscribed using Nano technology and then made visible using smart Optics. The Graphistone is water proof and has over a few century years of life.

 The Graphistone with inscriptions are currently available for Shiv - ji (Shiva), Sai-baba, Hanuman - ji, Krishna, Durga, Laxmi Matta, Laxmi & Vishnu Sahastranaam, Hanuman Chalisa & Ganesh Stotra (Lord Ganesha), Gayatri Mantra, Japji Sahib & Sukhmani Sahib, Mahavir Ji & Namokar Mantra, Maa Baglamukhi, Devi Saraswati, Saraswati Maa, Katyayani Maa,Ayapaa, and with unlimited possibilities with examples you will see in the galleries on the left.

  Technology made it possible, through years of dedicated effort by NanoGraphx, a worldwide pioneer in tiny customized spiritual scriptures, Graphistone give unlimited possibilities for personal safekeeping and gift to your loved ones. When the definition of seeing is truly believing, we stand by it. Something different and guarantee will amaze anyone when viewed.

  We can create customized designs and texts as per individuals requirement to develop any pendant and personal items housing something as large as Lord Shiva's, Maha Mrityunjaya mantra and Yantra readable to the naked eye.

  The breath taking miniature Graphistone is the centerpiece of the Divine Collection.


Graphistone Video

  • I-LB09
  • I-LB03
  • I-LB02
  • I-LB01
  • I-LB05
  • I-LB04
  • I-LB07
  • I-LB06
  • I-LB011
  • I-LB10