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Graphistone HEBRAIC collection

HEBRAIC collection

  • GS104001-10CDT-HEBREW
  • GS104002-Psaulm 23 Hebrew
  • Gs104003-Shema Yisrael
  • Gs104006-Hanukkah-Menorah
  • Gs104005-King-Salomon-Seal-1
  • Gs104004- Hebrew-Lord-Prayer

 We believe that the one who cares, is with us forever.  Always close to our heart...Imagine having the holy scriptures always there with you.

  Jewish and its significance for many people around the world like to wear holy scriptures that carries special symbolism and meaning. Jewish scriptures and designs incorporates prominent motifs and symbols taken from Judaism and the Jewish identity that point to shared beliefs and cultural values, it carries an element of holiness, tradition and sacredness .Often feature motives closely related the land of Israel and its sites, as many Jewish people feel a strong bond to the holy land.

  Graphistone is created to be worn, with your belief, only visible when seen through pure light. The smart use of nano technology allows the creation of this spiritual wonder. The Graphistone is water proof and has over few 100 years life.

  Shema Yisrael scripture , the central prayer in Judaism in which one declares his faith in God. The words of this timeless prayer are a popular, the best choice for a master piece of the Graphistone Jewish Collection. Designs in scripted are unlimited and always in continued enlarged choices, easy to be fitted in Jewish and Israeli Jewelry.


 Graphistone Jewish collection makes a special gift for the special people in your life. The most popular types of Jewish jewelry frames are Stars of David, Mezuzahs, Hamsas (Khamsa -hand of Miriam), and Chai.

Graphistone Video

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