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    Look into the stone !

    The decor and texts are revealed

    when held to the naked eye.

    An amazing high tech product !

    What is the Graphistone©


    Saying "I love you" just got much easier

    to Your loved one.

    The amazing way to gift for

    Valentine's day and Mother's day and so on.

    The Love collection


    Be blessed and protected,

    by the essence of the scriptures,

    of the inscriptions therein,

    permanently engraved.

    Lord ’s Prayer stone


    Wear it for INSPIRATION,

    Wear it for PROTECTION,

    Or just to have it CLOSE

    to your HEART.

    The AYA collection


    Look, See, Believe,

    the protection,

    the purity,

    from the essence of the scriptures

    The divine collection


    Light the lamp of wisdom,

    bring all the meanings of the philosophy,

    with the power of the spiritual scriptures

    close to your heart.

    The Asian collection


    A very exclusive and

    wonderful way to put

    discreetly any message

    in many items.

    Others & Custom

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Graphistone, an extraordinary timeless precious stone !

Graphistone detail

Access now to the pinnacle of art and technology

 Nowadays, nanotechnology is one of the most sought-after technological advances in the scientific world. One of the latest achievements of this technology is the engraving of the designs and texts on the surface of a tiny crystal.

Graphistone, a Nano Tech Crystal, is a tiny & high quality crystal engraved through Nano-Technology, incorporating various aspects of modern technologies, to deliver an amazing and breakthrough piece of art by inserting a discrete message in any jewelry or any items.

People could read the message without the aid of any microscope, Graphistone allow a direct easily and clearly reading when held close to the naked eye.

Be proud to display your faith and love with our Graphistone. We are constantly adding more designs, so that you will always find the perfect gift or item that you want or need for yourself or your loved one. no tears, no more sorrow and absolute bliss in the company of the Creator of the universe!


Our last version of the Graphistone is 50% smaller and more easier to fit any items, keeping very high resolution, long life for centuries and now with yellow gold colored scriptures

 Kept close to our hearts as a beautiful piece of art, to be protected and blessed by the meaning and essence of the inscriptions therein.

Video The key of love by Graphistone

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