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What is Graphistone ?

  Graphistone component


 The Graphistone is a timeless and precious stone with inscriptions of spiritual symbols, word of God verses, love, and deep inspirational sentiment.

  It took numerous years of expertise to develop this exclusive nano-technology and bring to you. Benefiting from the development of our nano & micro engraving using nanotechnology, discover how to bring with you the sacred texts giving your attire meaning far beyond their outer beauty.

 The Graphistone is a small glass crystal with cabochon (diameter 5mm) on which are engraved decors and texts reproduced in high resolution and microscopic size using nanotechnology with micronic or sub-micronic writing spot.

   This wonder of Nano-Technology is easily readable when held close to the naked eye through the cabochon which have magnifying lens function lens is permanently settled on the jewel frame as a stone. The "magnifying cabochon crystal" look alike a semi precious stone.

  Graphistone is not made from any plastic or any photographic film, engraving is very fine, clearly detailed and the engraved message has a lifetime measured in centuries. With our last updated version (since the summer 2012) you can take a bath and swim without any damage.

  The Graphistone can carry any message, a token of love and affection, and any personal belief. With the choice of any discretion and even permanently.

 Graphistone engraved message and designs :

 We take a lot of pride in choosing our engraved messages. We believe our designs are created to be a radiant reflection of your faith and the love in your life.

  A gorgeous combination of spirituality and trendy designs make our Graphistone a favorite among believers. From daughters and sisters to mothers and mothers-in-law, to any loved one or to friends, you'll find something for everyone. If you are looking for a special gift, Graphistone will be a treasure, you are sure to find the essence of scripture you are looking for; especially, with our spiritual images and verses that are engraved in our original & exclusive Graphistone.

  Our aim is to provide you great style for daily wear and special occasions, which you will cherish for years to come. Purchase an item with Graphistone inside and express your love and faith for anyone you wish!

  Thanks to our great lightweight Graphistone, you and your loved ones can now wear your choice of the engraved message anytime, anywhere.

 We hope you will find your choice on all the designs we made for everyone worldwide. You can browse the galleries on the page of the theme presented, you will find final items idea and message engraved suggestions.

  All exclusive Graphistone items include a Certificate of Authenticity.



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