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Graphistone Muslim belief (Arabic)

Aya Collection

  • Gs102004- Circular Aya Al Kursi
  • Gs102001 - «Asma\' al Husna»
  • GS102007-Ayat Kursi + Bismellah
  • GS102002-al kursi
  • Gs102016 Al Kursi + Makkah
  • Gs102013 - Ayat Ibrahim
  • Gs102010- Al Fatiha
  • GS102012-Al Nur
  • GS102011-AK-Mosque
  • Ref - GS102014 - AK + Kaabah

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 Aya Collection from Graphistone, the Timeless precious stone for :

Muslim believers.

 Aya Collection present the Muslim Aya texts, the verses texts from the Holy Quran, using the Graphistone component.

 A selected combination of Muslim Ayat and trendy designs make our GraphiStone a favorite among believers and across the world .

  This is a tiny Nano Tech Crystal, on which are permanently engraved Muslim decors and texts through Nano-Technology and looking in front a semi precious stone.

 Bearing the idea of protection and purity, the Graphistone Ayat Al-Kursi, Aay Al Nur, Aya Ibrahim, Asma Al Housna, Aya Al Fatiha, etc, are incorporated and integrated into many items. A pendant, a brooch, a pen, a key chain, a tasbeeh (tasbih) Muslim prayer beads, a Hijab pin , a baby brooch used as a protection, placed close to the baby’s pillow, blanket, shirt, pocket and the like, and many idea coming.

  We are pleased and proud to share this Holy protection engraved and framed in a personals items as some pieces of jewelry. For personal safekeeping and gift to your loved ones. When the definition of seeing is truly believing, we stand by it. Something different and guarantee will amaze anyone when viewed

  Kept close to our hearts as a beautiful piece of art, to be protected and blessed by the meaning and essence of the inscriptions therein, which can also be easily and clearly read when held close to the naked eye.

 A perfect gift for himself or any occasion , a gift that everyone would need and you will agree with us just how suitable and perfect they are ! From daughters and sisters to mothers and mothers-in-law, you'll find something for everyone. If you are looking for a special gift, Graphistone will be a treasure, you are sure to find it here; especially, with our spiritual images and verses that are engraved in our original & exclusive Graphistone.

  According a selected choice of texts and "Islamic calligraphies" you can take a look and browse in the gallery below, the product range and choice will expand in future.


Graphistone Video

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