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Graphistone Others & Custom editions

Graphistone messages examples

  • GS104014 - Life Flower
  • 08 Indian Wedding 4
  • 12 Kamasutra
  • 03 Thank You x 120 Languages
  • 06 Faith-Hope-Peace-Love & Christian Logo
  • 09 Sport Logo 2
  • 07 Indian Wedding 2
  • GS108004 - Zodiac - Capricorne
  • 10 Mao Zedong
  • 04 Burj Khalifa draw

 We have produced many very specific designs for customers across the world, for Jewelers , TV shopping/DRTV, in flight sales, gift companies, etc.

  Along with spiritual pendants Graphistone is expanding its creativity in the field of special and custom editions. We create limited-edition projects in collaboration with the world's leading cultural institutions, universities, and companies, as well as various entrepreneurial and social initiatives.

  We believe that our Graphistone items are a great way for promoting as for example : any brands, sport organization or products companies, business as bank and insurance, car makers, telephone and so on for promoting or any gift.

  As well for whom want to raise funds for any projects for as from religious groups/ organizations, help humanity & earth project, schools organization. If you belong to an organization, or are involved in raising funds for a good cause or an event, Graphistone is a good choice to develop a special finished items for that.


  Many items can be developed and produced to be fitted by the Graphistone component. pendant, pens, key chain, etc. It is about the unlimited choice and designer have creativity to do a variety of jewelry accessories designed for men, women and young people, religious and secular. Your special message in scripted in the Graphistone will be exclusive and a very original final item.

  Identity, imagination, movement, memory and unique experiences: Graphistone is a brand that expresses values and lifestyle, both classic and contemporary. By sharing these elements with similarly-minded organizations and articulating the intersection between our common values, Graphistone can be instrumental in satisfying all of our clients' and partners' communications needs . The extensive assortment of Graphistone products provides a platform for a wide array of communications projects.

  Special and limited editions can complete the Graphistone assortment available for companies, institutions and so on.

  There are several possibilities for the personalization of your Graphistone, we are able to help create products dedicated to a particular event or circumstance. Our specialty is offering personalized products by imprinting your client's name or logo into our Graphistone component and any final item we can offer .Moreover, our they usually end up on your client's desk or home. Your logo, web site address, name, and or phone number imprinted into our Graphistone will effectively keep you on the minds of your customers

  In left and right are galleries to show you some examples of projects and we expect to give you some ideas for your future project.

  You are welcome to contact us using the contact form in this link :  Organizations and Merchants

  To customize : " the Gateway to Greatness" for your organization with the Graphistone!

Graphistone Video

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